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A lot at stake: the glow-up of the interim marker
Your beloved friend, Desmond, is dead. Snuffed it in the night from natural causes, out like a light, deceased. A month passes before you garner the strength to visit his memorial at the cemetery. Greeting you as you pay your respects is a little plastic garden stake and a feeling of slight uneasiness mixed with... continue reading 
Dearly Project Management – an extra pair of hands for your cemetery
The Ballarat Cemetery is an amazing backdrop and a great place to showcase one of the projects we've assisted with in re-signing the cemetery. watch video 
Memorial urns suitable for outdoors
Dearly Plaques & Memorials outdoor ashes urns are perfect for gardens and outside memorials. Made locally, these urns are able to be interred at the cemetery in the Ashes Garden, placed in your garden at home, or - with the industrial modern look - inside on the mantle. They become waterproof once the base is sealed and will... watch video 
Row markers and plot numbers
The Ballarat Cemetery has provided the perfect backdrop to showcase Dearly Plaques & Memorials row and plot markers. These markers are used throughout the cemetery to show their visitors the way and locations of their loved ones graves. Most cemeteries have rows and rows and areas of graves - sometimes it is very hard to locate the one... watch video 
Ashes interment covers and small grave covers
Ashes interment covers and small grave covers are large and small lids to cover a hole in the cemetery. Each cemetery has their own covers for interments of ashes, but - from my research - at times they are not as aesthetically pleasing as they could be. Traffic cones, warped bits of wood and scratched... watch video 
Interim memorials – simple cemetery markers prior to permanent memorials
Dearly Plaques & Memorials interim memorials are a temporary memorial for the time between the burial and the permanent marker placement. Something for the family during a difficult time from the Cemetery or Memorial Park, these provide a simple memorial during a time when often there is nothing. Delivered in time for a funeral in most cases. suitable... watch video 
It’s business as usual at Dearly
Isolation is just another word for challenge and I love a challenge! Dearly Plaques & Memorials have been working with Cemeteries and Memorial Parks for the last six years, providing aluminium solutions for marking, alternatives for reservations, interim and permanent memorials, covers for interments as well as mausolea markers and urns. I will send you... watch video 
FinalTouch Presentation
A new team for the funeral and cemetery industry
Last week at the CCA WA Conference, Dearly Plaques & Memorials' Sally Kennedy announced that she will now have her aluminium products available through continue reading 
Dearly - Buninyong & District Community News 2018-05
Sally is serious about her signs!
Over recent years, district resident Sally Kennedy has spent many hours visiting cemeteries all over Victoria and interstate. She’s not been taking photographs of gravestones or looking for distant relatives, but rather developing her unique business Dearly Plaques & Memorials. continue reading 
Grave markers and memorial plaques – a great alternative
Grave markers and memorial plaques are a great alternative to the markers provided by the cemetery while waiting for a permanent head stone or plaque. continue reading 
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