Dearly Events & Projects

Sally is pleased to announce a NEW service to the cemetery sector, which will provide assistance with community engagement, project management, event management and a flexible approach to the death care industry in times when you need a second pair of hands.

With years of experience in the death care industry, by way of the successful Dearly Plaques & Memorials business providing aluminium plaques and customised solutions to Australian Cemeteries, my experience is coupled with a Masters in Business degree, Diploma in Project Management and on-the-job training in editorial and magazine production, event management for cemeteries and local government community engagement.

Dearly Plaques & Memorials can tailor a marketing solution specifically for cemeteries in the death care industry, including business requirements, plans or specific projects that are need to be completed (e.g. re-signing cemetery, community engagement letters and follow up, surveys, internal documents, local industry representation).

  • Social media strategies
  • Print advertising
  • Media releases and media strategies
  • Graphic design
  • Annual reports
  • Website copy and development
  • Event management
  • Grant writing and preparation
  • Project management
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