Dearly Project Management – an extra pair of hands for your cemetery

The Ballarat Cemetery is an amazing backdrop and a great place to showcase one of the projects we’ve assisted with in re-signing the cemetery. Dearly Events and Projects is a new service for the cemetery sector, which will provide assistance with community engagement, project management, event management and a flexible approach to the death care industry in times when you need a second pair of hands.

Dearly Plaques & Memorials can tailor a marketing solution specifically for cemeteries in the death care industry, including business requirements, plans or specific projects that are needed to be completed (e.g. re-signing your cemetery, community engagement letters and follow up, surveys, internal documents, local industry representation). An extra pair of hands is available, either on-site or working remotely (we know we can do that very well thanks to the COVID-19 crisis).

With years of experience in the death care industry, we’re here to help when you need to get a project completed, started or inspired.