A lot at stake: the glow-up of the interim marker


Your beloved friend, Desmond, is dead.

Snuffed it in the night from natural causes, out like a light, deceased. A month passes before you garner the strength to visit his memorial at the cemetery. Greeting you as you pay your respects is a little plastic garden stake and a feeling of slight uneasiness mixed with confusion. You came to see your dear friend, not your prized tomato plant. Where is the ‘proper’ memorial?

This jarring sight first spurred Dearly Plaques and Memorials founder, Sally Kennedy, into action eight years ago. Taking a leisurely family stroll through her local cemetery with the dog and her three kids, Sally had an idea to improve the bleak offering that currently existed for interim markers.

Putting Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes aside, the previously adopted plastic stake marker provided an underwhelming reception to grief-stricken family and friends. They deserved a classier interim option, a glow-up solution.

After consulting with local manufacturers, Sally forged ahead with the ingenious concept, launching Dearly Plaques and Memorials. These short-term memorial plaques, fashioned from attractive aluminium, allow for an eloquent inscription along with a fresh and modern design. Laser-cut images complete the personalised transformation with an appealing range of options, including gum leaves, butterflies, hearts, and flowers. Once the final plaque or headstone arrives, the Dearly interim markers are ideal for transferring to the home garden.

With a turnaround of only five days, memorial locations are swiftly spruced up in time for a funeral or memorial service to accommodate visitors in a visually respectable fashion. They are also convenient when a birthday or important date is fast approaching, and the permanent memorial is still some time away (possibly 12 months or more in some cases!).

Restoring a dignified presence while incurring the inevitable wait for the permanent solution, Dearly quality interim markers scream ‘Very Important Person interred here’ as they rightly should. Experiencing a crushing loss isn’t made easier when reminded of a sparse vegetable plot rather than memories of your life partner for the past forty years.

Since overhauling the interim marker, Sally and the Dearly team set their sights on rethinking other elements in need of attention throughout cemeteries. Dearly ash interment lids were created replacing temporary measures such as waterlogged swollen chipboard and repurposed road signs. A fresh approach to memorial vases saw the Dearly flower pot cast aside outdated plastic receptacles that lacked durability and length to hold fresh blooms. And perhaps most practical, the robust Dearly row markers provide directional signage solutions for navigating a cemetery. A simple addition which improves your chances of locating Aunty Mavis without having to spend an hour ‘guessing’ she may be near.

Delightfully and as suspected, the Dearly interim markers and evolving product range are now widely embraced in cemeteries across Australia and abroad. What began as a simple family outing has grown into a thriving business thanks to the innovative Dearly interim marker: a smart and respectful alternative to the humble plastic stake.